Top Three Things to Consider When Choosing Oil Skimmers

floating drum skimmer

Oil skimmers are some of the most important pieces of equipment in facilities that treat water, as well as in other operations. If you need one for your organisation, choosing the right one for your needs is important to maximising the value out of the investment. And if you need guidance where that is concerned, consider these three essential factors.

floating drum skimmer

Tank design

The specific tank that you choose alongside your oil skimmer is important. In most facilities, the functionality of the skimmer depends on the size and design of the tank. For the best results, tanks that feature quiet areas as well as are big enough to accommodate enough volume are recommended. This is because oil and water will emulsify if the solution is subjected to vibrations and agitations, or other forms of mechanical agitations. Similarly, the tank should be of a regular shape if it is possible, without nooks where the oil can get stuck. This is so that your skimmer can perform according to what it is designed to do without hassles.


Operational conditions

You should also take into account the specific operational conditions in your facility when choosing your skimmer. For instance, the physical location of your tank dictates the functionality of your skimmer. Say you have an irregular-shaped tank, your skimmer must be positioned where the largest amount of oil pools. Similarly, if there is not enough mounting space, the skimmer must have the necessary accessories that will complement it for maximum functionality.


Choice of provider

Finally, where you intend to get your oil skimmer should also be considered. Choose trusted manufacturers that have a solid history of delivering quality solutions to a wide range of clients. If there are case studies where the company has been able to provide good change for facilities, check them. Additionally, get in touch with their team so that you can get personalised guidance in choosing your oil skimmers.


If you will require additional accessories for your operation, such as gas bottle cages, dangerous goods storage cabinets, and more, it is better to source everything from one company. In this way, you do not have to spread yourself thin trying to get trusted resources for your operational needs. Just make sure that you get comprehensive product support for all of your purchases, so that you can protect your investment. If you have any questions or concerns about their product support, relay them to the company and ask for satisfactory answers.