The Amazing Benefits of a Water Jet Cutter

Regardless if you are a newbie when it comes to waterjet cutting you have already manufactured something with the use of waterjet technology, it is a must to be aware of the many benefits that a water jet cutter can offer you. But before going into that and to help you better decide whether or not or you should it, understanding what it is would be a great help.

What is Water Jet Cutting?

It is basically a technique of fabricating metals that makes use of a carbide nozzle, high-pressure jet stream, and a fine garnet abrasive to cut metals. Fundamentally, it is a sped-up and extreme version of erosion that happens in nature. When it is mixed with abrasive particles, the process gets sped up.

Water Jet Cutting: The Two Types

When it comes to water jet cutting, two different methods exist. These are abrasive and pure waterjet cutting. Abrasive waterjet cutting, a granular abrasive is being added to the water stream. This abrasive helps accelerate the strength of the water stream, thus allowing hard materials like ceramics or metal to be cut precisely and easily. On the other hand, waterjet cutting is utilized to cut soft materials like paper or foam with the use of water stream.

So, after knowing what it is, it is now time to find out why using a water jet cutter can be very beneficial. Here are some of these benefits that will help you make better business decisions.


No Material Limitation

Waterjet cutting is very versatile and it can cut nearly all types of materials such as plastics, composites, rubber, ceramics, glass, metals, rock, and stone. By adding a granular abrasive, the cutting machine performs and achieves quality cuts even on materials that are up to 200mm thickness.


No HAZ (heat affected zone)

One of the best advantages of water jet cutting is the fact that there is no affected zone at all which often occurs as a result of the cold cutting method. In the case cold cutting, aside from enabling clean cuts, it also helps increase the safety of the operator as risks of burns are eliminated.


No Distortion

With the help of cold cutting method, it becomes possible to bypassed heat exposure. This is very important for materials such as metal, thus leading to a fine cut without any distortion. What you get in return is a burr-free and smooth cut.

No Need for Additional Finishing

With its high-cutting quality, you can expect precise results thus avoiding more finishing processes. This greatly accelerates the process and saves time which leads to increased efficiency.


No Dangerous Waste

The increasing value of environmentally-friendly processes in many industries is becoming more evident. A huge advantage of waterjet cutting is that it does not produce any hazardous waste in the form of gases and fumes unlike when employing other types of cutting technologies.

These benefits should be enough to help you decide whether or not to use this technology. You can expect it to make great changes and offer big contributions to your industry.