Questions to Ask When Selecting A Drill Rig for Sale in Australia


Looking for a drill rig for sale in Australia? There are certain things that you must look for so that you can protect your investment, and make full use of the equipment to positively affect your industry requirements. And if you’re looking for guidance for that, this article is for you. Here are some of the most essential questions that you should ask while searching for your equipment.


What are my requirements?

First and foremost, your industrial requirements must be clarified and established before you start checking catalogues for the best model for your facility. These requirements must, in turn, be contextualised within the appropriate working conditions that you and your team need to manage. For instance, if you’re drilling underground, it’s not enough to choose a drilling rig that just meets that. Your rig must also be right for operational factors such as the intensity of the drilling work, the kind of results that you will require, your team’s technical competence, and the ground conditions on your site, among others.


Where am I getting my rig?

Your choice of manufacturer or supplier is also important when looking for a drilling rig for sale in Australia. Trusted names such as Drill Techniques are always best, as they have a long history of providing reliable results to clients across the country. Additionally, they are authorised to carry diamond drilling rigs and other types of rigging equipment from known manufacturers such as Llamada, TecniWell, and Sonic Drill Corporation. Additionally, they provide excellent customer service from start to finish, and complement that with a comprehensive suite of servicing and maintenance solutions to help you get the most bang out of your buck.


What specifications will my machine need to have?

Finally, your drilling rig should be chosen according to its engineered functionality. Underground rigs may have the same set of purposes, you see, but they differ according to the power of their design. For example, there are rigs with core bits that are more suited for heavier drilling, while other rigs are designed to bore holes that go up instead of down. Your supplier or manufacturer should be able to personally guide you through your selection so that you can find the best possible model for what you need, and how much you are willing to spend. If you have questions or concerns about the equipment, its according support or warranty and the services it will require in the future, make sure to let your resource know.