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Machinery Maintenance: Simple Reminders Most Facilities Forget

industrial machinery repair - lathe

Machinery maintenance is an integral part of any facility’s operation, which is why there is so much effort invested in it. In fact, from the purchase of the equipment itself, suppliers and clients already enter into a preventive maintenance model agreement, to help ensure the functional performance of the equipment throughout its lifespan.

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Making the Most Out of Oil Skimmers

oil Skimmers

Oil skimmers are used to remove oil from wastewater, which is important to public health and safety. As such, facilities that work with wastewater need to invest in the equipment, so that they can meet industrial requirements while ensuring safety in their workplaces. Such an equipment, however, has been known to fetch a pretty price. […]

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Plastic drum pumps are cheap, safe and reliable

plastic drum

Plastic drum pumps offers people with a reliable and safe way of transferring a different type of chemicals and liquid substances in a safe method.With popular companies offering hand made drum pumps, without any moving parts and a dual pumping action mechanism that helps the transfer of liquid on downward and upward stroke, the are […]

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Chemical Storage Cabinet

chemical storage cabinets

In industries, people use a large number of chemical and flammable substances and that is why precaution is a must. Nowadays, there are many types of storage cabinet (flammable, poisons, corrosives and any chemical substances) who are used on industries and companies. However, not everybody knows how to use these storage cabinets or what type […]

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