Machinery Maintenance: Simple Reminders Most Facilities Forget

industrial machinery repair - lathe

Machinery maintenance is an integral part of any facility’s operation, which is why there is so much effort invested in it. In fact, from the purchase of the equipment itself, suppliers and clients already enter into a preventive maintenance model agreement, to help ensure the functional performance of the equipment throughout its lifespan.

Through all these, however, there are some simple measures that most facilities tend to forget. Sometimes, the focus is too directed at ensuring that complex technicalities are observed that managers and technicians miss out on the basics. To help remind you that the best maintenance is always that which knows how to keep it simple, here are some of the most essential facts that you should remember.

industrial machinery repair - lathe

Never carry out maintenance in a dirty workplace

The first rule to doing maintenance is to make sure that the area for it is clean and orderly. Many facilities think that they can get away with cleaning, inspecting, or repairing their suite of industrial machinery right where they are also operated, with all the dirt and other residue that come with operation. But this is not right.

Carrying out maintenance work in an unideal environment exposes the machinery to risks that may detract from their functionality. Any dirt that lodges into moving components, for instance, can slow down the normal speed of the machine and affect the quality of results that it provides.


Make sure that the equipment is powered down for the whole duration

It is also of grave importance that all machines be completely shut off during the maintenance. All parts or components that can move must be stopped, all levers must be shifted back to neutral, all switches have to be off, and all connections to the power outlets must be disconnected. If there are batteries or other means of power, they must be removed. Maintaining a running equipment will not only delay the operation, it may also endanger the life of your team.


Always consider the recommendations of manufacturers

Finally, check your manual from the manufacturers of your equipment every time they are up for maintenance. Machinery maintenance must follow specific recommendations from the companies that have designed the machines, to achieve the best results.

Aside from that, keeping to the terms of the manual helps make sure that your warranty will be protected. Some manufacturers will void an existing warranty if their products have been repaired or maintained against their prescriptions.