How to Conceal Thinning Hair in Women?

When it comes to hair loss issues, men don’t have the monopoly over it. Thinning hair in women is a major concern, too, and tends to create a far greater emotional stir than men. It is because women associate hair with their self-confidence and look. 

When it concerns hair loss and balding, many of us are more than willing to consider and try every trick in the book in a desperate attempt to salvage what is left of our hair. While the market today is teeming with various hair care and hair growth-promoting products, the truth here is that there is no surefire guarantee that even the best hair loss supplements can make your hair grow back again. However, most of them can significantly help in mitigating the rate of hair loss and balding. 

Most of the time, you need to get to the root cause of your hair loss issues first before you can identify the best course of action to take. You may either need to have a drastic change in your lifestyle and try a different diet. Or sometimes, you may need to take some supplements with essential nutrients which your body may have some deficiencies in.  

While trying to figure out the appropriate solution for your hair loss issues, isn’t it a nice idea to conceal your female hair loss? This way you can keep prying eyes from wondering why you have thinning hair, which can be very annoying to some. For this, it is recommended that you consider the use of keratin hair fiber. 

What are Keratin Hair Fiber Products? 

We qualify keratin hair fiber products as a hair loss concealer. They may not be of direct help in promoting hair growth, but they can be taken advantage of it to camouflage thinning hair in women. Men with troubling hair loss issues can try it, too. 

The working idea behind these kinds of product is to bulk up the current volume of your hair by virtue of the keratin hair fibers, the color of which matches your natural hair.  The closer is the color of your hair loss concealer to the color of your natural hair, the more seamless this kind of product will blend into your hair.  

What Are Keratin Hair Fibers?

Keratin hair fibers are hair building fibers. They are comprised of tiny flecks of keratin hair fibers and they attach can easily attach to your existing hair strands because they have been electromagnetically charged. Thus, they come with natural static electricity and their main purpose is to bulk up your existing hair volume to make it look thicker and fuller.  

Types Of Hair Loss Concealers

Spray-type Hair Loss Concealer

How to Conceal Thinning Hair in Women?

This variant of hair loss concealer works pretty much the same way as a dry shampoo. The product comes inside a pressurized container which you can spray. And when you do spray the product on the affected or thinning areas of your head, it will release the keratin hair fiber particles across the thinning spots of your hair. 

Powder-type Hair Loss Concealer 

Another way that you can apply hair loss concealer is by giving the product a light shake and directly applying the keratin flecks onto your scalp. 

It does not matter which of these two types you find most convenient and easiest to use, it would be solely under your discretion and judgment. Each user will eventually have a good grasp of which among the two would work best for them and thus develop their preference. 

Perhaps, the only drawback there is in the use of a powder type of hair loss concealer is that if you are reckless, you will run the risk of staining your outfit with it. So make it sure that you always apply the product properly.