The Different Types of Drill Rigs in Australia

In Australia, drill rigs are defined as structures that hold equipment like cables, drill bits, pipes, and derricks. These are necessary in the extraction of significant commodities like petroleum under the surface of the earth. Rigs have two categories- offshore and land. Offshore handling drilling takes places on the ocean floor, whereas land-based drilling is done on land.

Aside from petroleum extraction, drill rigs for sale Australia can also be used in construction industry. These are essential in building foundation construction, bridges, roadbed, and even in airport construction that requires strong foundation. Moreover, they are also needed in drilling, mining, and water well drilling.

As drill rigs found in Australia have different uses and functions, they also come in different types. It is important to select one which is best suited in accordance to the required task. These drilling rigs classifications may be done using different attributes, factors, or technologies.

Drill Rigs: Types and Methods

By Power

The power consumed in seismic drilling for instance, is needed to determine what kind it is. Generally, you can find mechanical drilling rigs that make use of transmissions, clutches, and torque converters powered by diesel engines. On the other hand, the electric ones are machines driven using electric motors that generate power on site through internal combustion engines. At the same time, there are hydraulic rigs that utilize hydraulic power, steam rigs (use engines), pumps (steam powered), and pneumatic ones (uses pressurized air).

By Pipe

This one uses cable drilling rigs to raise and drop drill bits. It also involves conventional drilling rigs which use metal or plastic drill pipes in different kinds in order to meet the function and coil tubing rigs that use down hole drilling motors and giant tube coils.

By Height

Height category takes place when there is a need to temporarily remove the drill pipes from the hole. This is based on the number of pipes connected in the derrick. Single rigs pull single drill pipes, while double rigs deal with a stand of pipe with two connected pipes in the derrick. And of course, triple stand rigs handle three and quadri stand accommodates four connected drill pipes.

Drilling Method

With drilling technology, the drilling rigs are classified into direct push rigs and non-rotational rigs which include the majority of service rigs. Rotary table rigs are also available. For this, rotation is achieved by turning a square or hexagonal pipe located at the floor level of the drill. On the other hand, top drive rigs have the rotation and circulation around the top area of the drill string. There are sonic rigs as well that use vibratory energy to advance the drill string and hammer rigs that make use of percussive and rotation force.

It is highly important to find a type of drilling rig that you can trust to do the job. Be sure to get one that has strength and can deliver perfect performance and results. You can visit and find out what the experts have to say.